16.03.2020 COVID-19 restrictions

With regard to COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions taking place I would like to kindly inform you that a state of emergency has been delcared in Bulgaria – valid until 13 April 2020. All tours within the country have been suspended, traveling within the country is heavilly restricted. Our boarders for incoming guests from most countries are closed as well. Restaurants and wineries are not allowed to welcome guests.

We do hope to welcome you in Bulgaria on our Food & Wine Tours very soon!

Via Vino & Odysseia-in team


*Update (3 April): The state of emergency has been prolonged until 12 May 2020. The above mentioned restrictions remain.

*Update (18 May): State of emergency is over since 13 May and most of the restrictions have been replaced by lighter regulations – working and carefully keeping distance and disinfection procedures. Open areas of restaurants and hotels are allowed to work. Such with inner areas, including wineries with inside tasting rooms will probably start working from 1 June. There are no limits for travelling within the country at the moment. From June boarders should be open – exact information to be announced.

*Update (15 June): ALL wineries, hotels, restaurants and bars are allowed to work by keeping the necessary precautous measures, like disinfection, social distance, etc. Bulgarian citizens could travel to most of European countries, including France, Italy, Sweden. Please check the current situation and regulation of your authorities before travelling to Bulgaria.