22.03.2021 UVA NESTUM's Wine Adventures: SOUTH SAKAR


I had the pleasure to moderate on last Saturday, 20th of March a very interesting event – organized by one of my favorite wine wine places in Bulgaria (but not only): Uva Nestum Wine & SPA, part of their series “Wine Adventures”. This time it was dedicated to South Sakar – a tiny wine region, near the boarders with Greece and Turkey, which keeps lots of wine & culinary secrets and ancient mysteries. Thanks to our mutual efforts and partnership, we succeeded to provided to the guest some traditional foods, made in an authentic way – katak, sesame tahini, etc., a special wine selection and a plenty of stories about the region from my side.











The team of Uva Nestum organized perfectly the event, their 4-course pairing menu was simply fabulous. And nearly 60 Bulgarian wine&food enthusiasts were happy to be part of this tasty experience, forgetting for a few hours the tough pandemic time… Considering the fact that Bulgaria is from today again in full lock-down, I am really glad that we had the opportunity and were able to conduct the event in a proper way! On the other hand that is a very good example for collaboration between people, wineries and even different wine regions – that is how the future of wine tourism in Bulgaria should look like! Thanks a lot for the support of the participating wineries: Villa Bassarea, Chateuax Kolarovo, Zaara Estate and Bratanov, and especially to Tanya Avramova and Todor Bratanov!














But that’s not all! I was guided by the owner, Mr. Bilarev and we have made an exciting and comprehensive sample tasting of most of Uva Nestum’s brand new white wines series, most of which will be released soon for the first time. They are focusing on Tamianka, Muskat Ottonel, Alligote, Chardonnay – promising!!! We have not skipped the new vintage of the famous rose and the red stars (Rubin is marvelous) and the newcomer Mavrud! The latter are still aging in barriques, as the Cabernet Franc does, and will be probably vinified as premium wines. Can’t wait…

IMG_20210320_120534 IMG_20210320_121737 IMG_20210320_123235 IMG_20210320_123623IMG_20210320_124750IMG_20210320_125041

Thanks to Tzvetelina Bilareva and Ivan Bilarev for the kind invitation and the great time at Uva Nestum. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Заповядайте на винения и кулинарен тур “Из непознатия Южен Сакар” в края на май!