VIA VINO & Odysseia-in tour to Priorat: 29 June - 04 July 2017


Dear wine lovers,

I could undoubtedly say that Priorat is one of the most exciting and distinctive wine areas I have ever been! And that I am extremely happy to announce a Via Vino & Odysseia-in tour to Priorat which will take place between 29 June and 04 July 2017.

Here are few words about this magical place…

According to Jancis Robinson, MW Priorat wines are one of Spain’s most inspiring red wines. The region has a charming and almost incredible history. Production methods for Priorat had barely altered since the 12th century when the Carthusian monks first established the priory after which the wine is named. Until the 1980s the local wine is totally unknown outside the region, its quality is unsatisfactory, and the price is low. Business is related to the so-called “Cooperatives”, relying primarily on high yields and bulk wine. Until the “Revolution,” led by Reneѐ Barbier, Alvaro Palacios and a few other long-haired pioneers, begins. On the postulate “The French wine is the best wine” Reneѐ responds quite seriously, “I will make a better wine”…

So, this bunch of five romantic, brave, or even just reckless young people settled in Priorat in the 1980s, seeing the potential of the region, which at that time was extremely poor, with an aging population. In just a few years they completely change the image of the local wine! The main principles – immaculate quality, total dedication, respect for the nature and extremely high price (they have put a selling price of the first vintage – 89’ of 4500 pesetas, equal to 45 bottles of decent wine at that time)! But probably the magic keys to success were passion, faith and… a few high notes by some very influential wine experts, incl. Jean-Claude Jambon and Robert Parker…

And some of the highlights:

  • Visits and tastings in a number of specially selected wineries (10-12);
  • Meetings and talks with local winemakers, incl. some of Priorat “symbols”;
  • Getting familiar with the cuisine, some historical and nature sights;
  • An enchanting wine travel experience for every wine lover;

Please ask for detailed itinerary, only a few vacant places are left!