Via Vino Collection-South Bulgaria: On the trails of Orpheus and the Thracians

Villa Yustina Tasting Event

Welcome to two of the most extraordinary valleys in Bulgaria, the Thracian valley and the Rose valley. They are still keeping evidences that wine has been produced in this area for more than 5000 years. You will have the chance to enjoy incredible wines next to beautiful sceneries and ancient Thracian sanctuaries. Sipping a glass of fresh sparkling wine at the pool of the Edoardo Miroglio chateau or tasting a handcrafted Merlot in Mezek’s family cellar are just two of the examples of the authentic wine experience you can have with us.

The terroir in these parts of the country is more suitable for red wines but you will definitely try excellent white sorts. For this journey we have selected wines with a powerful and memorable, yet elegant flavor, that go beyond simple pleasure and capture the character of the land. The “King” is MAVRUD, made of the oldest autochthonic red wine grape variety. It is characterized by intense ruby color, a lot of tannin, distinctive pleasant aroma with hints of blackberry and mulberry and a full-bodied flavor. It is a wine aging very well in oak barrels which makes it complex and well-balanced.

The Via Vino tour will take you to eight highly awarded wine cellars: Villa Yustina, Castra Rubra, Katarzyna Estate, Old Cellar Parvenets, Mezek Winery, etc. You will spend 2 nights in boutique hotels which are part of wine-cellars (Chateau Copsa and Edoardo Miroglio). Their cuisine has a tradition in pairing fine wines with gourmet meals. The tour includes wine tastings in exquisite authentic Bulgarian houses, a walk through the immaculate vines of some of the wineries and possibility for wellness and vinotherapy procedures in Todoroff Wine & Spa hotel.

The fabulous city of Plovdiv (European Capital of Culture 2019), one of the oldest cities in Europe, is a remarkable part of the trip. It is valued for its numerous heritage sites from Roman Antiquity and Byzantium to Ottomans and present times, and the famous Thracian necropolis in the Rose valley (UNESCO World Heritage) and the majestic architecture from the Bulgarian National Revival period in Koprivstitsa. You will also be able to see the eclectic mix of influences from Byzantine, Georgian and Bulgarian art and culture in the Bachkovo monastery.

Odysseia-in & Via Vino land prices per person in DBL room:

  • For a group of 4-6 people: EUR 945,-
  • For a group of 7-10 people: EUR 860,-

Individual escorted trip option available!


The prices include:

  • 8 overnights in hotels on HB;
  • 9 wine tastings;
  • Transfers and drives;
  • Entrance fees according the program;
  • English/German speaking Via Vino local guide and wine expert;


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