04.10.2022 International Mavrud Day 2022

It is time to celebrate Mavrud and local Bulgarian wine varieties for second time! After 2021 and all the pandemic restrictions and difficulties much better times are yet to come! We, the team of Bulgarian Association of Wine Professionals are planning 4 (yes, four!) events – a B2B conference in Sofia on 26th October and three Urban Wine Fests in three different cities:

There will be10 VIP guests – wine experts from all around Europe (including 2 Masters of Wine), who will participate at the conference. Also, we are organizing a FAM trip with them, so we will have the pleasure to visit and present several distinguished wineries, producing excellent Mavruds. Before that I will guide another FAM – this time in the wine region of Northeast Bulgaria with journalists from leading Bulgarian media…
Last year, the Bulgarian wine was celebrated in 19 countries worldwide! On the initiative’s website: www.mavrudday.com, 73 organizers published 102 themed wine events. We are sure that this year the figures will be much higher! Stay tuned for more details and follow our web site, Instagram and FB page.
The International Mavrud Day is an initiative launched by the Bulgarian Association of Wine Professionals. BAWP’s purpose is to promote Bulgarian wine and wine tourism so that it takes its well-deserved place on the global wine scene with adequate recognition, expressive identity and positive image.